Underage: The desire to be something that you are not
A collaboration between Company 2 and Circus Oz.  This is a very exciting project with a big future.  Watch this space over the next 12 months.


Scotch & Soda's seamless collaboration between music and circus was such a hit that Company 2 is creating a new work to explore how music and circus fit and move together - Saturnalia.  This work is in development in 2018/19.

Ten Per Cent Terror

In the first collaboration of its kind, Brisbane Powerhouse, The Farm and Company 2 will partner together to develop a new performance work commemorating the ANZAC Centenary. Ten Percent Terror uses the contemporary artforms of circus, dance, digital arts to connect younger and modern audiences to the ANZAC legacy. Sitting across two time periods, Ten Percent Terror explores the dual narratives of contemporary Australians serving in Afghanistan with those of young soldiers in Turkey a century before. With themes of risk, panic and brotherhood, the work reflects on the emotional commonalities of war experiences, whether Turkey in 1915 or Kandahar in 2015. Company 2 and The Farm are planning on new developments for work in 2019. 

The Fair Ground Project

Company 2's Director Chelsea McGuffin was invited to Melbourne to work with an inspiring group of circus and dance artists from all walks of life.  Exploring 'What is fair ground, how do we find an equal place'. We created a wealth of material and hope to build into a bigger project in the future. Thanks to Gail Kelly, Loki Rickus and Side Sault projects Circus Oz for inviting Company 2 into this rich work.

"Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does.”  – Stella Young