Company 2 is a performing arts company driven by our desire to tell stories and engage with fellow artists and audiences. We create work to push the boundaries of circus in a way that is accessible to audiences.

We create contemporary circus that is full of heart, that brings to life the ideas and voices we think need to be heard. Real stories. The imaginary. Young and old. Artists and audiences. We draw out what is best, what is ugly, what is painful, what is playful - in all of us.

Born in Brisbane, we live and work all over the world. Contemporary circus is our common language, and we use this language to bring together performers from from different artistic disciplines. We are dancers, musicians and makers, as well as circus artists. We experiment with form to find, walk and question the edges and limits of our shared experience, to create stories that challenge and delight.

Driven by directors David Carberry and Chelsea McGuffin, the work we create is devised in collaboration with performers, producers, technicians and artists. We are driven by creativity and change, and our process is one of continual development and evolution. Our works grow and shift with us, and with our community. We invite you to join us on this journey.