Inspired by excerpts from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s ‘Notes from Underground’, Sediment is an abstract expedition through the layers of human desires and motives. A look at what lies beneath, at what really drives us, in the search for truth. A reflection on the quirky, comical and sometimes dark nature of the human disposition to always question. To push, to pull, to strive, to fall; and to push again.
Extending the limits of physicality, attempting the impossible, looking beyond the edge. This is a chance to see circus redefining itself.  
Breathtaking acrobatic skill, feats of physical impossibility, in a fusion of movement and live music. Set to an original score featuring a typewriter, glass bottles, sand and other interesting and unusual instruments. Sediment is Company 2's most innovative theatrical venture.

"Exceptional and absorbing circus" – The List Edinburgh

Concept/direction: David Carberry

Choreography: Chelsea McGuffin

Original music direction: Ben Walsh

Performer co/creator: Alice Muntz

Performer: David Carbrerry

Lighting design: Dan Black

“a delight, and thrilling in the most unexpected, unassuming way” “ an engrossing, entertaining and challenging show. It’s circus changing the face of circus” - Xanthe Coward : XS entertainment

“Sediment is a mesmeric meditation” “a layered work that blends circus, dance and live music into a beguiling artistic mix that will linger with you long after show’s end.”  - Meridith Walker : Blue curtains

“There is circus, and then there is Sediment”  - The plus ones